The foley-lounge

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Unique Foleys and Sound Effects - crafted sound design

The foley-lounge is one of the few state-of-the-art foley studios in Europe.

These fives studios has been purpose-designed -principly- in conjunction with Ted Swanscott, George F. Hapig, and the grand old lady of foley - Beryl Mortimer.

Foley Loungs Düsseldorf Germany Unique Foleys Handmade Sound Effects Studio

The recording areas have been acoustically modified to provide varying sound environments, e. g. from "inside a hall" to "outside dry". They are equipped with several pits for different walking surfaces, a collection of doors (wooden front door, cupboard door, iron door, etc.), a specially designed "wet stage" (which is one of the biggest in Europe), and thousands of devices for generating any possible sound our clients want to hear (...and sometimes even didn`t expect ! ).

In our foley sessions we recreate the "live" atmosphere of the pictures and capture everything as if it had been recorded "on set". All our foleys are recorded directly to Protools 11 for instantaneous capture and playback, with separate control rooms supervising the huge foley recording areas.

We deliver our foley sessions directly to your server.


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BAFTA - Foley Lounge Düsseldorf



BAFTA 2011 - Awarded best faculty with the IMAX Version
of Flying Monsters 3D with Sir David Attenborough

Foley-Lounge Duesseldorf Germany George Hapig - Dolby Digital

 master of her trade, teacher & friend
Foley-Lounge Duesseldorf Germany Barryl Mortimer
Baryl Mortimer at work
for the serie "Banacek" (RTL)


 IMDB - George Hapig Foley Lounge Düsseldorf

George Hapig @ IMDB